Aloha family and welcome to the new website. It'd been a while since we worked on the website and we decided it needed an overhaul.  Some new additions are a lyrics page and a better working store.  We now have the Dubkonscious albums available as well as The Change I'm Seeking and Jah Will Never Leave I Alone.  We will soon be updating the store and adding all the shirts, hats, stickers, etc.  

We had a wonderful tour this fall, with many magical and memorable moments.  Mike joined longtime ohana The Hot Rain Band and JBoog for a few shows and made lasting bonds with Trevor Hall and his crew. So many new fans, so many new bridges built, so much Love and so much healing.  It has been an incredible year and as it comes to a close we look back and treasure the experiences and the incredibly energy we've sent out into the universe together.

"Love Will Find a Way" is still chugging along, slowly making progress as time allows.  We will have a release date for you soon.  2015 will be an incredible year of metamorphosis and we look forward to making our presence known as peacekeepers, Lovers and conscious instruments of change. We will be at the 2015 California Roots Fest and will soon be announcing other festival and tour dates.  We really hope to branch out this year and make it to South America, Europe, Australia and more. Let us know where you want to see us play!

Bless you family, you keep us moving onward and upward in these tumultuous times. One Love!

Posted on December 5, 2014 .