Southwest US Mini Tour starts this week

Aloha 'ohana, we've had many unforgettable shows all over the U.S. this year!  This week we embark on our last run in the U.S. and play some familiar towns as well as some new ones, including some club shows and the Unity Fest in Santa Fe, NM.  We're excited to share our messages of healing and hope one last time in America in 2016.  We've grown greatly as musicians, but more importantly, as humans, in this incredible year of change.  As it winds down, we look to what we can do to help impact a positive change in these final months and for the new year.  Music is always at the center of our movement and is the best way we know how to spread the word of conscious awakening in this crucial time, for our families and for future generations.  As always, we give thanks for you opening your hearts to this music and helping us to grow and learn.  Thank you for helping us spread the seeds and water them.  We try to balance the life of touring with our lives at home and our precious time with our families.  If we haven't come to your town yet, we are working on it!   Love you 'ohana!  Mahalo

Posted on September 13, 2016 .