2017 Beginning of Days Tour

2016 was an eye opening year.  We traveled the world and shared our songs of unification and uplifted many, while at the same time seeing the seeds of revolution and conscious awakening sprouting everywhere.  As darkness covers the land, we are blessed enough to bring light to every corner we can and to connect with other healers and light bringers along the way.  While those that seek to control us with fear and propaganda speak of a biblical end of days, we look upon these times with hope for the future.  The world around us is spinning out of control, and people everywhere are waking up to the sinister agendas unfolding around them.  Corporate greed and its devastating effects on our environment are becoming impossible to ignore.  So for those of us who choose to leave a legacy of compassion, sustainability and respect and honor for all living creatures, this is a beginning of days.  A new era is beginning, and we are among the blessed who have been gifted with a message that is intertwined with this awakening.  We see the truth reflected in each other as we make music together.  Our journey this year begins as we travel from our home of O'ahu to Aotearoa and Australia, and then make our way to many more destinations including a return to the mainland United States, Europe, Costa Rica, and to many new destinations as well.  We look forward to sharing these melodies and messages with you all and growing together!  We'll see you out there on the long road somewhere 'ohana.  Mahalo

Posted on January 5, 2017 .