Love overflowing



Upfulness and Love


Can you spare a moment of your time to save our lands

‘Cause the open spaces are disappearing, can’t you overstand

That the poisoning of our oceans will be the end of all mankind

And desolation and destruction will be all that’s left behind


But if we make a change, rearrange, we can make a land

Big enough for we, rock and tree, animal and man

Where our children can grow in the glow of the Motherland

We can make it there, I can show you where


‘Cause in the purest light of Zion all truth shall reveal

The blackened hearts of those who seek power, lie, cheat and steal

But if we all will join our hearts and hands together we shall be

A body so strong, fighting against all hypocrisy


And forever we shall live in our hearts, not their history

And they’ll never never tear us apart with iniquity

We shall break the chains from the slaves, set our people free

And I will comfort you and you will shelter me



And if you fall in line I and I will stop to pick you up

‘Cause I would never leave you behind, to drink the water from their poison cup

‘Cause these times are getting tough, the road is long and how the river’s wide

But Jah will light the way with His Love and I will lead you to the other side


I have heard the waterfalls weeping as I prayed

Felt the sun burn a little bit hotter every day

But when I look up and I see the rainbow up in the sky

It fills the vibes of upfulness and Love in I and I


But Father I never claimed to be a perfect man

I just want to live clean and be free

I know its a long and winding road ahead

It's rocky as far as I can see

But I will be with you and you will be with me




‘Cause I am your protector, your keeper and you are mine

So it shall be until the end of time

You are I and I guardian and shepherd and I am yours

So it shall be now and forIver more



Be Thankful



Be thankful for whatever you got, ‘cause you got to be sure to be sure that you’re not

Ungrateful, ‘cause this life is a gift and the more that you have should be the more that you give

So many contemplating whether their cup is half empty or their cup is half full

It’s just a bunch of bullshit, be thankful, be thankful


Hey my brother why you wearing that frown?

Has the system been cheating you, beating and breaking you down?

You’ve lost sight of everything that you stood for

And now you’re caught up in the glamour and they got you wanting more

More of their illusionist, hypnotist politricks

They got you on a puppet string, dangling, it makes me sick

Just to see how long its been 

We been held captive as prisoners in our very own skin

But listen up my brethren because my friend

Just when you think that things couldn’t get no worse, remember the last shall be the first


Be thankful for whatever you got, ‘cause you got to be sure to be sure that you’re not

Ungrateful, ‘cause this life is a gift and the more that you have should be the more that you give


Hey my sister, you got no mister, it seems like the end of the world

When you’re a charming and intelligent, graceful and independent, young and beautiful girl

But you’re searching for that validation, get stuck up in bad relations over and over again

And you just can’t see that when you give love to so many men, there’s nothing left for yourself or your friends

But don’t you fear, Jah Love is near

To lift you up and make things clear

To hold you close and hold your hand

To heal your heart and help you overstand

To show you and assure you that you are much more

Than this whole world has made you bargain for

A daughter of the Most High Jah, a mother, sister, lover


This life is just a series of steps, some forward, some backward

But don’t be confused, sometimes when you lose your life moves forward

And remember, the past only lasted when you were living for today

‘Cause the minute you live in regret is the moment you let your future slip away

So be here now, don’t fight the river flow

Be here now, you don’t wanna miss the big show

Be here now, there ain’t no better place to be

Be here now, ‘cause what will be will be


So be here now, don’t spend all of your days with your head in the clouds

Be here now, ‘cause its so hard to watch the sunset, with a heart full of regret, wondering if the best is yet to come

Be here now, ‘cause who knows what the future will bring anyhow

Be here now, don’t watch all of these moments pass, stuck behind the looking glass, wondering what the fates will allow





Sweet Sound


I’m laying down all my burdens

I’m burying my pain in the ground

I’m surrendering all to the sweet, sweet sound

I’m forgetting my pain and my sorrows 

And wearing my heart out on my sleeve

All I need is this Love in my heart to believe


That heaven is not in the skies waiting

And if I spend my time hating, I’ll be living in hell

So I been praying, I’ve been praying for something

To show my heart the one thing that by now I should know well

‘Cause all these songs I’ve been given

They’ve shown me that living is not so hard after all

 They fill me up with light, tell me I’m wrong when I think I’m right

And pick me up every time I fall



So all my days I will sing, give praise

It’s what I was put here for

I’ve made my choice, I’ve got my voice

And I don’t need nothing more


‘Cause patience is a virtue I’ve been hearing

But if I wait for the smoke to be clearing I might waste my days away

Because tomorrow is just yesterday a little bit later

And I know it’ll be greater if I live for today

I been running, I’ve been running and hiding

Hiding from the truth

But as I lay me down, I hear the sweet, sweet sound

And I don’t need no more proof


‘Cause I don’t know what this world has got in store

But if it’s an open door, I’m gonna walk through

And I don’t know why we keep the best inside

But if I find out, I’ll come and find you




I’m ready Lord, I’m not waiting no more

No negative, positive for sure 

Oh Lord I said my troubles are washed away

I’m ready Lord, I’m not waiting no more

No negative, positive for sure

Tell everyone the good Love is here to stay

Oh Lord I said my troubles are washed away





Tell me why you hide your eyes

Its no wonder why you can’t embrace me, just can’t face me now

If you knew, walked in my shoes, but brother you haven’t even tried

To see the truth, open your eyes

To see things from the other side


How long have we shared this blood?

You’ve been a friend to me since the elementary

How could this come to be that we’re common enemies?

It’s about time we rose above and buried this grudge you been carrying round

How I’ve tried to make things right

But still you turn your face and hide from my sight

Is this the end, should we pretend that our friendship means nothing?



Forgive and forget or you'll always regret the friendships that you lose

Everyone makes a mistake, time to time, needs a break

So be the bigger man and choose forgiveness


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

If you can’t learn to forgive, you’ll end up alone

Searching for the words to say “I’m sorry”

Filled with such regret over these petty differences we had

But these four syllables can mend: “I forgive you”


Chorus x 2


We were born into this world

Smiling, stumbling, stubborn fools

Untainted by egotistical hatred

All we have is each other’s Love so let us cherish it and rise above

Envy, greed and jealousy

I’ll forgive you, you forgive me


What can put the kindness of a true friend to the test, forgiveness

What can put a lonely, lamenting spirit to rest, forgiveness

What can reunite a grandfather with his children, forgiveness

What can put a broken home back together again, forgiveness

So take another walk down the road, take another step down the road

Take a another walk down the road, take a step on the road to forgiveness



3 Mirrors


If it’s a choice you have to make, half of the time you’re gonna be wrong

It’s just a chance you have to take, so pick up the pieces and move on

But once in a while, you find something free

A reason to smile, a reason to be

But looking in my rear view mirror

How come everything’s so much clearer now?

And looking out the doorway I can see

Where I always wanted to be

Out in the crowd


We sit and wallow in the wake of the choices that were made before us

We’re bound to make the same mistakes on our return back to stardust

But once in a while, we find something true

A reason to smile, to find our way through

But looking in my bathroom mirror

Everything is becoming clearer now

And looking out the skylight I can see

Where I always was meant to be

Up in the clouds


Oh this Love will find you, will see you through

And the road will rise to meet you, to make you new

And one day you’ll find that you’ve lost the time

With nothing to show and nowhere to go

Because where you are is not far from where you were meant to be


But looking at my broken mirror

Nothing has ever been clearer now

And looking at my heart now I can see

Where I always knew I would be





I’ve kept my mouth shut too long

Begging for scraps down here at the bottom

And though I know it might ruffle some feathers

I just can’t hold my tongue no more

‘Cause I’m sure that the weak and the poor

Got something to say, but they can’t pay so nobody listens

And a man with a hell of a plan

Can’t do nothing with his hands, while he’s stuck in the back washing dishes

It don’t seem right that some work ’til the day that they die

And some never have to work a single day in their lives

Won’t somebody tell me why

I get paid half as much to work

Twice as hard as all these yuppie jerks

Just because I don’t wear a suit and a tie

Am I out of my mind to wish that I was



Penniless, so that I could rest

All these money troubles give me stress

Always wanting more and having less

All these worries take my life away

There goes another day

Working minimum wage

Trapped up inside this cage

With one foot in the grave

I think it would be best

It we all were just more penniless


They say you’re penniless, you’re broke

But to me it’s a joke

‘Cause the wealthiest ones, mentally, spiritually, are the unhealthiest ones

Their trust funds ain’t gonna save ‘em when the judgement comes

We’ll just watch them run

‘Cause the tidal wave’s coming and it’s gonna break

And take away all ignorance, leave only truth in its wake

‘Cause any system’s bound to fail that lets the treacherous prevail

Puts the innocent in jail, watches them burn at the stake


But I and I know that there will come a day

When the breeze will blow and take this all away

And in time everything will be okay

If we can just find a way to stay




What we hold within our hearts

Will always be, will never part

And what we hold within our hands

Will quickly turn to smoke and sand

So let it go, let it go, let go, let go

‘Cause the rain will fall and wash away

And sun will shine another day, another life, another way

Another chance to run and play 

And all these things that you hold dear

They will all just disappear

So let it go, let go


‘Cause what we hold within our hands

Will quickly turn to smoke and sand

So let it go, let it fade, let it slide and slip away

And may your soul be at rest

Rich in Love and rich in truth and truly blessed

Truly penniless



No Regrets

All this time will pass, into the past

So if you're happy, then make each moment last, don't hold nothing back

And if you're suffering, remember it won't last, get over it fast

Get back to living and giving Love

This life is just a test, I will remember, I will remember

This life ain't over yet, so please remember, not to forget

Newborn babies cry, their very first tears, they are so hopeful

Great grandfathers die, after many years, it is a circle

Teenagers find Love, then screw it all up

They are so fearful, yet somehow invincible

This life is not a curse, but there will be hard times, and it will get worse

But always do your best, and always remember that you are blessed

Everywhere you go, plant seeds, Love will grow

But remember who you are

And if you travel far, remember your heart is where your home is

So if you travel to the stars, remember your heart

And you won't be homeless or homesick at all

This life is just a test, with many failures and some success

But I will place my bets, and I will leave here with no regrets