The Change I'm Seeking

Let the Healing Begin

Let the healing begin open up and let the Love flow in, let hope and joy come and destroy your suffering, let the healing begin. Cause we’ve been down for so long in Babylon, got to be strong, time to move on, we can’t afford the rent no more, beating our fists upon the door, won’t take no more, won’t stand here waiting, contemplating on the shore. Cause we’re ready for some change, it’s time to rearrange, things are getting so strange in this hour, wicked men sit up in power while most cower, choose to believe, to be deceived by these cowards. So Babylon I’m fading from your sight, Babylon I’m fading from your sight, because I know it’s gonna be alright if I give up this fight and get some sleep tonight. Cause fighting never did solve anything and Love is all that I man have to bring, because I’d rather jump and dance and sing, and spend my time swimming in Love everlasting. Cause if everything they say is true, then there’s no hope for me no hope for you too, so don’t you believe a single word they say, cause they’re the ones who got us in this fix we’re in. Chorus. I have flown across to foreign lands and seen the inequalities forced on my fellow man. I have witnessed things that in my heart I just can’t stand and seen atrocities that have haunted me, I can’t overstand. Little children gone for weeks without a bite to eat, grandmothers laboring, broken blisters bloodied on their feet.  People drinking sewer water cause they can’t get nothing clean, all innocent victims of this money machine. Every single word I say is true, but I got hope for me I got hope for you too. So don’t you believe a single word they say, cause we’re the ones who come to fix this mess we’re in. Chorus


I had your back since back in the day but now when you see me coming you just turn away. We used to jam when you were a no name but now you can’t even give me the time of day. I thought you were my friend but now I see your true colors, I let you in my home, you had the nerve to call me brother, but now I see you’re just a backbiter. You’re always right there to take a puff when somebody else is passing the spliff around, but when we’re hurting and the times get tough its funny how we never seem to see your face around. I caught you in a lie and now you’re searching for excuses, just look me in the eye because I already know the truth is that you’re nothing but a backbiter.  So don’t you come around, don’t come around no more. I guess the money was enough to make you turn your nose up, and all them bright lights flashing must’ve messed your mind up. But when the money’s gone and the spotlight fades, who you gonna cry to, who’s gonna believe your charade? And when ya comin’ home, you’ll find everything has changed.  So don’t you come around, don’t come around no more. Backbiter, where you gonna run to, backbiter, who’s gonna believe you, backbiter, who you gonna cry to now?

Butterflies and Beefstew

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes, I never got to say goodbye, I never got to tell you I, I’ve really been trying to work it out but all this work is always dragging me down, feels like I’m always running around. I just want to see you growing tall, wanna be there to pick you up when you fall, and come running whenever you call. Cause all of these moments they carry me through, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I can’t help but swell up with pride. When I think of the bridges you crossed just to be who you are today. The obstacles that stood in your way that you conquered.  And when I get caught up and I need something to cut me back down to size, I just look in your beautiful eyes and I realize.  That money comes and money goes but in this life all I know is you ain’t got nothing if you ain’t got something called Love. Life is a moment a blink of an eye, if you don’t grab it it passes you by, I never could quite understand why. I’m just glad I can share it, share it with you, and see you do all of the things that you do, and teach you how to tie up your shoes. Cause the little things mean everything the smiles you give me give me wings to rise above all this pain and Love is all that remains when I hold you.  And these moments we share make it hard to bear the moments we are apart, they pull at the strings of my heart and the teardrops start to fall. Oh Lord why am I always out working when I should be playing at home with you, I’ve spent so much time just running and so now I’m coming home to you. Chorus. You saved my life, given me sight, all that I am belongs to you. And when I go, want you to know, I’ll be watching over you.

Forgive Me

Have you ever been misunderstood? Have you ever been mistreated? Have you ever run out of the words to say? Have you ever really been okay? Cause this road that we’re traveling on, so many places you can go wrong. And this life that we’re living now is so beautiful sometimes it’s so hard to go on. Forgive me, please, forgive me. Cause everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Everybody gets sick of it all. Everybody gets scared of themselves sometimes, I’m going out of my mind. Cause every time that I think of you all the words that I said, like a sword, run me through. And every step that I’m taking now is like I’m walking on water but I feel like a snow plow. It’s hanging heavy on my heart, like a chain that grows longer every moment that we’re apart. Chorus. This road that we’re traveling on, so many places full of happy and sad songs. But all I know is when I’m with you all the pain disappears and I feel like I belong. So take my heart in your healing hands, help me along when I’m wrong, make me a stronger man. I’m at the front door on my knees, forgive me.

Distant Travelers

If I was looking for a best friend, well I’ve already had so many of those. Someone to put me to the test and make fun of me and help me pick out my clothes. And if I was looking for a lover, I could have had just about a million flings, but I was looking for somebody who could be all these things. Then I found you. And my world is different now, I’m on the road to somewhere. Could it be somehow, that we were distant travelers passing in the sky, well I just had to stop and say hi, I just had to stop on by. Oh my Love, don't you know, can’t you feel it, don’t it show, that inside sometimes it’s like I’m ‘bout to explode and overflow with happiness, want you to know I feel so blessed just to be in the presence of such a precious Empress. I feel overwhelmed sometimes, I think of a thousand rhymes but none of them can compare to the poetry in your eyes, I’m not surprised it took no time to realize I need you right by my side. Chorus. I will be with you as we cross into forever, I’ll be your umbrella in any kind of weather, for it was written, we were destined for each other, my Love. Chorus. We just had to stop and say hello, we just had to know.

Permanent Holiday

I’m on a permanent holiday, I’m going outside to play, I ain’t gonna slave away for no corporate Babylon, I’m never gonna be a pawn in their manipulation games. I’m taking the reigns and breaking the chains, I’m never gonna kneel no way. My prophet is heaven sent, no preacher or president gonna lead I astray, I’m taking Jah highway home I’ve got my own path to follow. Don’t know if you’ll overstand, I got my own truth to swallow, and if I could you know I would throw my guitar on my back, pick up the slack and leave here tomorrow. But I know that I’m a pawn of Babylon, I got to face the facts, embrace the axe and cut these chains of my sorrow. Chorus. 10,000 years of captivity, we must eventually open up our eyes and see, they’re manipulating we. With so much uncertainty and so many mysteries, why are so few questioning the unnatural state of things. It’s a nightmare, we’re living in a nightmare, everyone’s living so scared, they’re virtually unaware of this fear that rules their lives, occupies, controls their minds, this fear of bankruptcy, financial impotency. It’s money, money, money, money. It's all this digital currency. It’s all this monopoly money that keeps us from ever being free. And so it seems we’ll be in this prison for life, cause if we keep buying than they’ll keep selling the lies, and so it's up to I n I. I won’t be manipulated, mind controlled and inundated, I will seek the revelation, make my life a celebration. I will be the change I’m seeking, manifest the words I’m speaking, I refuse to be imprisoned, I will make my own decisions. Chorus. I’ll never go astray no. I’m leaving the past and forwarding fast cause freedom is here to stay. We got to take back the knowledge, take back the power, take back what they have stolen from our hearts. Take back the esoteric knowledge, for too long they've been keeping us apart. We got to take back the knowledge, take back the power, humanity don’t let this be our final hour.


This is a Jahwakening, can you feel the quickening, Armaggedon is nearing, the hour is at hand. This is a Jahwakening, prophecy is fulfilling, freedom fighters arising, we’re taking a stand, for the good of man. Cause someplaces it still exists, that goodness that you feel in every touch and every kiss, that supreme bliss that deep down in your heart you know, so clear away the blocks and let your Lovelight overflow, human, Jahman, woman, overstand, you’re only a victim if you choose to be a helpless lamb, so take your stand and grab your freedom while you can, don’t let them lead you by the hand into the slaughter. Chorus. Cause if all there is to life is to slave away from 9 to 5 just to end up in an early grave, to earn a wage, to pay off the debts you accumulate, got to keep two jobs just to keep up with the rising interest rates, oh great. Here comes the bill collectors round again, to take away my home, don’t care about my situation, how can we survive when they keep us separated, got to get together before we all wind up dead. So singers and players, poets and painters unite. Builders and planters, healers and chanters unite. Students and teachers, atheists and preachers unite. Seers believers, realists and dreamers unite, cause the time is so right and the fruit is so ripe, our day has become night but we still see the light. So with our hearts and with our hands, we’ll make a new start build a new land, we’re going back to the beginning. So come and bring your unique gifts and I’ll uplift your creativity, individuality, truly is a necessity. In this new land we’re gonna be free of all negativity, only truth, Love and unity shall manifest in this reality, so come and be part of my family, pure positivity is our true destiny. I’ll be who I am and you’ll be who you are and we’ll honor each other so humbly. I’ll look in you and see my true reflection, redirect my introspection and let my newfound wings expand, and I will be a new man today and I will be a new man tomorrow. Living in Jah Love, eliminating sorrow, in Jah holy footsteps I will always follow. Wake up call this is your wake up call humanity we got no time to stall, come on and jump into the waterfall, together we can break these prison walls, come on and jump into the water, sons and daughters. Chorus.

Human Race

I need a hat to hide under, I need some shoes to fill, I need a coat to curl up in so I can dream again and a broken watch so that I can just stand still. Cause this whole world is going crazy, I just can’t find my place, I got no scheme to come up with, no time to keep up with this rat race. I just wanna make this world a better place for everyone, don’t wanna run in the human race. It doesn’t take a lot to get me high, these days seems my troubles just pass me by, its like I’m walking up on a cloud, always thinking out loud, its like I’m speaking and a song is coming out. So I bend right down just to tie my shoes, down on the pavement its so hard to keep from gettin’ the blues, but I keep on troddin’ on, singing a triumphant song, giving love cause I got nothing to lose. Days pass by, people come and people fly in and out the door I’m learning more with each experience, my heart grows and my blood flows, I’m feeling lighter and lighter, like a feather, I’m burning brighter like the sun.  And I think I like what I have become. So I, I’m gonna just sit back relax, and let the river flow take me where its gonna go. And I, I’m gonna be just like a leaf, and let the gentle breeze take me wherever it pleases. It takes quite a lot to keep me low, when all around me life surrounds me like a puppet show, I can’t imagine being bored when there’s so much left to know, I’ll never stop learning cause there’s always room to grow. So I been walking round these city streets, so much derision and division, everyone playing for keeps, every time somebody screws up an angry car horn beeps, round every corner a crooked policeman creeps. But did you know there’s a better place where we can go, a beautiful land full of helping hands, you can make a mistake and no one gives a damn. And no one makes your plans or feeds you fantasy or tells you what to be. I call this new land reality. Chorus. Cause I’m not looking for no trouble, I just wanna double my fun, spend all my days in the sun. And I know nothing lasts forever, so any kind of weather is fine, and we’ll have a good time. And if the words don’t rhyme it doesn’t matter cause no ones keeping score and on that you can be sure that if the words we choose never quite fit us right, we’ll make a language we like and it’ll sound something like… Chorus


I would never give my money to a barbershop, I grow my lion’s mane according to the will of Jah, cause I’m a natty dreadlock, a Rasta, I’m a natty dreadlock.  I man will grow my roots until they reach the ground as a symbol of the Love for Jah that I n I have found, so that everwhere I go all of my people know, they’re not fighting alone. Cause when the wicked man sees I n I crown, he sees a tree he could never ever cut down, and when he hears our righteous and Iternal sound, he goes back underground. But I say to the wicked man, when will you change your evil ways, Lord I say, to the baldhead man, when will you learn to stop your fuss and fight and live up in the truth and right and join up with your brotherman and say. Chorus. I knew a man who walked the streets in a suit and tie, with fear down in his heart and in his lowered eyes, he gave up Love for the pursuit of money, sucking blood instead of drinking milk and honey, working for the blackhearted establishment, furthering the murdering of the innocent, he built an empire out of the blood of man, and turned his back on the Father’s hands. But he never realized his compromise until he reached the gates of Zion, never tried to purify his heart until the judgement day, now he sits in darkness and his memories they burn him up like fire, waiting for the cool water of the Father to wash them away. So go ahead and give all the barberman and the clothes companies your hard earned cash money, but I man no deal with vanity cause it keeps humanity from living free, strictly roots and culture is all I need to achieve heartical livity, so keep your clippers from my head cause I’m a dready natural natty. Chorus


I just can’t take no more. I gotta get out of this place. Cause the things I’ve seen have broken my heart, made me feel ashamed, just to be a part of this human race. If you could see their eyes while they were dying, if you could hear their cries while they were dying, would you still put them on your dinner table my friend? If you held the knife while they were dying, and if it was you who did the killing, would it be different, cause there’s no difference in the end. The blood is on your hands, the blood is on your hands, if you don’t make a change, if you don’t take a stand, the blood is on your hands. Oh my brother could you take some time it would mean a lot to me, and oh my sister would you make some time there’s something you have to see. It's a little hard to swallow but the truth will set you free. If you felt the pain with every bite you took, and if you caught a glimpse with every bite you took, of all the misery and the suffering, just to feed your selfish craving, would you still swallow? Chorus. If you look the other way when they’re crying out in pain, if you wear fur, if you wear leather, if you eat meat, the blood is on your hands. Just because you have the might, it doesn’t give you the right, and just because you have more brains, it doesn’t mean they feel less pain, and if you choose to remain ignorant, the blood is on your hands.

No More War

Lately these days I get so paranoid, hear so many stories of families broken, fathers being deployed. All for this war that no one really wants, too many dog tags, too many headstones, too many dying to count. And if we could today we’d bring them all back home, but they’ll never listen, these politicians, their hearts have turned to stone. And if we had a voice then by God we’d be heard, but we’re so divided and we’re undecided so we never say a word, and we all go to sleep like good little sheep, never make a peep. So I’m taking a stand and I’m making demands and I’ll stand even if I have to stand alone, and say bring the troops back home. With all of the beauty to behold in this world, why would you want to feed the destruction? With all of the wonders to witness in this world, why would you want to see Armageddon? With all of the things that you could be in this world, why would you go and be a soldier man? Oh why, oh I, I think I know why. Cause when you were three years old, they put a toy gun in your hand and they showed you shows of G.I. Joe’s how could you overstand the difference between fiction and reality, oh if your parents knew how it impacted you they would have burned the t.v. but they were too busy working for the man, yeah they were too busy, just fitting into the plan. So when you were six years old they put you in the boy scouts, so harmless it seemed to be marching, waving the flag about. But they already got you wearing that uniform on your back, using weapons, earning medals, gaining rank in your pack. It's the symbolism that keeps you coming back, esoteric symbolism, into your subconscious they tap, it's the symbolism, keeps you slipping through the cracks, it's the symbolism, got your mind under attack, but youth put on your thinking cap, don’t get caught up in their trap no. With all of the creativity in this world, why would you create nuclear weapons? With all of the wonders to witness in this world, why would you want to see Armageddon? With all of the billion things to be in this world oh why would you go and be a soldier man? Oh why, oh I’m starting to see why. Cause when you were 13 years old you joined the ROTC, the high school version of your immersion in the military, they got you dreaming of that M16 in your hand, heroically killing enemies for democracy in a foreign land. It's the mind control that keeps you killing blindly, government mind control, been going on for centuries. So when you were 18 years old, the recruiters came to your school, with fancy dress and propaganda, trying to make you their fool. Telling you, you’re never gonna amount to anything, but look at all the rewards and benefits Uncle Sam can bring, just sign on the dotted line, the officer says with a grin, sign your name on the dotted line, trust in us, we’ll take you in, just pick up the pen and sign, we’ll take care of everything, sign your name on the dotted line, and your bright future can begin. But can you hear the bugle play as you sign your life away. Give me one good reason, give me one good outcome, from all of this killing, it don’t make no sense. So many are dying, orphaned babies crying in the name of freedom, what a false pretense. But all the money, all the power, all the souls that you devour, mister politician man. Could never equal to the power of Jah Love that I hold in the fingers of my pure, clean hands. So mister soldier man, I’m begging you come back home, military man leave them war machines alone, cause them politicians sit in their mansion reaping all the benefits while you lay dying in the trenches and they just don’t give a shit no. Or lord there’s got to be a better way to communicate, I don’t believe that killing men makes us more safe, in fact I know the opposite is true, but how bout you, do you buy into the news, have they got you so confused? When I feel the pressure in the air, I get so scared. Will we live to see another day, another month, another year, how can I protect my family from these crazy leaders addicted to war, tell them we don’t need no more of these broken dreams and fantasies all fallen down the well. Daddy’s gone and left his family a living hell. So many die, lifeless they lie in graves with names unknown. Mommy cries, waits for her son who ain’t never coming home. So we don’t need no more war. Our wounds won’t mend by hurting them, so what are we fighting for. We don’t need no more war.

Movin' On

I’ve had enough of this fooling around, being knocked down and playing the clown. This city life was never meant for me, I got to get back to the country, so I’m gonna spread my wings, fly away, I can’t stay another day, I’m leaving out of Babylon, I’m movin’ on. Come rally all my people it’s time we move, if you’re stuck you got to groove. Shake the dust off of your bones, you don’t want to be left alone. Cause we’ve been tricked and fooled for so long, held captive down in Babylon, so listen to your heart it’ll show you the way, don’t get caught up in hearsay. Chorus. Cause every time I go to town I see the police man with his ticket book in his hand, he says license, registration, and insurance please, he already knows I ain’t got none of these. Cause I’m a natural dread just trying to survive, Jah knows I ain’t gonna work no 9 to 5. But I got to provide for my youths and my wife and make sure that they have a good life. But Babylon just won’t let us be who we really want to be, and we been troddin’ for so long, how many more miles ‘til we’re free? I’m crying from the mountaintop, Babylon set my people free, why can’t the heathen see. Chorus. I’ve had enough of this mentality that’s poisoning all humanity, it’s rising all around me so I man I must flee, I got to get back to the country.

I'm Ready

Gone are the days of playing charades and telling stories by the campfire. These are the times when no one unwinds and the day that you die is when you retire. And minimum wage is just what you’ll take, even at your age, just to get hired. They got you by the balls so when the boss calls you, you better come running. Pick up the slack and get off your ass and take out the trash little brother. And if you can’t there’s always someone who can and you’ll get the can brother. It’s a fucked up system, got you by the throat again, like a sheep in a pen. I don’t wanna be 75 years old, still doing as I’m told, flipping burgers at the McDonalds drive thru. Would you? I wanna live where the ocean meets the sand and hand in hand we’ll be dancing. And I will be where the skyline meets the trees, do as I please, waste my days away. Hey brother what do you say, lets go out and play, cause every day is so precious. And all the money you spend don’t matter in the end when all your possessions are crumbling to dust and pollution, only an illusion, never everlasting Love, rise above and break the cycle, take the control, wake up your soul. So many of us afraid of it but what are we waiting for, won’t you wake up your soul. Chorus. Cause all this life that we lose along the way won’t fade to gray, won’t be wasted, and all this Love that is living in our souls will overflow, wash the pain away. I’m ready. For the rain to fall, for the flood to rise, to manifest all the wisdom left by my ancestors, to take the lead and sow the seeds of our future, for the sun to shine and realign all our hearts and spirits, to sing the song of my heart for all who will hear it. I’m ready